Sleek luxurious design
and vast variability

Your produce will be stored
and showcased in the best possible conditions

Refrigerated counters and trays

Digital thermostat is responsible for a stable and variable temperature control
as well as automated defrosting

What is new?

VARIUS – Elegant solution for displaying and storing wine and foods

CONTEG VARIUS is a unique stainless steel system for storing wine and foods. Its great variability and state of the art design by renown Czech designers are destined to make this a centerpiece for any...

Custom built refrigeration

We focus on manufacturing of custom built refrigerated display cases and wine cabinets for atypical or non-standard spaces such as cellar niches, nooks, vaults and behind-the-counter areas. These high...

Serial production of CONTEG Cooling designer refrigerated display cases and wine cabinets

CONTEG Cooling refrigerated display cases and designer wine cabinets are manufactured in Hovorčovice near Prague and offer high quality stainless steel structures, modern features, and a quiet, reliab...